This is website project number two.  My focus for the first run of online journaling stemmed from the idea that the best writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, is the product of unbridled honesty.  I like to think I am an honest person; however, I am not the most forthcoming with what is going on inside.  So that journal was a personal challenge to write bravely and honestly in the public realm.  I’m not sure if I achieved what I set out to do, but at the very least, the product is a snapshot of my last years in Windsor with my girls and our orange cat in our pretty house on Moy Ave.  Some of the entries have evolved into stories – what more could I ask for?

 Click Here:  Journal Archive

The archive consists of several years of journaling between the years of 2002 and 2006 on a website I created with Microsoft FrontPage and no blogging tools in sight.  (Had I only known it could be this easy!)  Eventually I’ll make the presentation prettier, to jive with this website’s design, but in the meantime, here are the original pages from the old site, just plunked in. 

Click Here:  Journal Archive

Note: My online journaling petered in and out during and after 2004.  That was the year my life changed in a number of vastly significant ways.  My girls were stepping out in to the world on their own.  After years of wanting to be closer to my family, most of whom had moved to the Greater Toronto area, I sold our lovely home and left the region where I had lived my entire life.  I put my things in storage and went to my parents’ (temporarily vacant) home in St. Catharines to stay while I sorted out a new job and where I would live in or around Toronto. 

But before that, and only days after leaving Windsor, I went to Wales for a month.  It was a beautiful trip, but lots of really big things happened to me during that time.  I wasn’t prepared for the pummelling impact of selling/moving/being away from daughters and abandoning my job, my friends and my home.  I had anticipated this move for years, but I tell you, it was not easy.  And the first part of me to take the hit for all this was my writing.  I’m thinking there are going to have to be some stories written to fill in the gaps. 

In the meantime I’m better.  And here we go again.  A different focus this time, but what seems like a million years ago is really only five minutes.  The old journals need to be a part of this.  For me, if not anyone else. 

 Click Here:  Journal Archive

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