Dear Mr. Harper,

Last night my lovely cousin offers me a ticket to a gala benefit for CANFAR and I’m happy to go, as I’ve never been to such an event here in Toronto.  It’s fun to hobnob with the beautiful people once in awhile.

So I get there and I think it’s a good opportunity to keep an eye out for whiny artists, since you told us Canadians that artists all hang around at fancy galas and whine about not getting any money rained on them from the government.  I must admit, I was sceptical when you said that because I know lots of artists, and none of them stands around whining at galas.  But then the artists I know don’t really attend galas.  You probably know lots more artists than I do, as you should, because you’re the Prime Minister of Canada.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that that I didn’t see anyone whining.   I don’t actually know how many artists were at the CANFAR gala, but there was art being auctioned, so I’m sure there were artists.  But none were whining.

And I definitely didn’t do any whining at the gala.