a heartbreaker of a day

13 January 2010

If I thought there was some silver bearded guy up in the sky who was the boss of everything, I’d ask him: 

What did those people in Haiti ever do to you?




6 Responses to “a heartbreaker of a day”

  1. willow Says:

    This is heartbreakingly horrible. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered loss.

  2. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    Yes, the devastation and suffering is terrible. It proved hard yesterday though to give to the Red Cross. I guess their site was overwhelmed. Not good though.

    It is hard to see how people can retain a faith in any kind of all-powerful god when these kind of things occur. But I suppose if faith helps them with their grief then perhaps it is not entirely a bad thing.

  3. roscoedialogues Says:

    very very sad, a few of the many ways to help:
    World Vision

    or Doctors Without Borders or Red Cross .. or ..

    • Jennifer Says:

      Thanks Mike. We hadn’t directed our family Christmas giving donation yet, so Kels and I made the executive decision to send some or all of it to the aid efforts in Haiti.

      • roscoedialogues Says:

        Deciding who to donate to is always mind boggling …
        Found Oxfam through the Wilco message board.
        Found World Vision through the Fred Eaglesmith message board.
        This was said there:
        Thanks so much for the posting about World Vision helping in Haiti we
        already have sent a plane load of folks and supplies down yesterday. We are
        a Christian organization but we DO NOT preach. It is our mandate to not do
        it. We work in many countries with many varied beliefs. Our biggest
        supporter is Stephen Lewis http://www.stephenlewisfoundation.org/ This man
        is a sworn atheist.
        Excerpts from Stephen Lewis’ speech at the Hazel’s Hope Event (fund
        raising event for the Hope Initiative) at the Mississauga Convention
        Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, September 27, 2004.
        In country after country in Africa, I have seen World Vision workers on
        the ground … I have to say, what WV does in these communities, for
        these people is absolutely selfless and exemplary. I love them! Can I
        engage in a confessional? I will absolutely admit that I used to have
        some lingering anxiety about the mixture of religiosity and programming,
        because in the hands of some there can be abusive moments. I’ve never
        seen such a moment. Never. I have watched WV work with such care and
        diligence and integrity that’s it’s really phenomenal. I’ve seen them on
        the Zimbabwe/Zambian border with commercial sex workers and truck
        drivers doing preventative work where no other people were getting
        involved. I traveled with Graca Machel last summer in Uganda. We wanted
        to see the response to women and children in the heartland of the
        pandemic in the district of Rakai. The workers were all from WV. Graca
        and I were blown away by their commitment and attentiveness …You have
        a faith-based non-government organization that is making a magnificent
        contribution in face of a pandemic that knows no limit to its carnage.

        Anything you can do will help and I do believe the Canadian gov is talking
        about matching the funds.. thanks all of you
        Suzy Miller

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Yes, we support World Vision because of their reputation. “AAA” rating by the Better Business Bureau too. And I am a long-time and steadfast admirer of Stephen Lewis. He knows of which he speaks in the humanitarian realm. 🙂

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