she learned that a long time ago

8 January 2010


When Kelsey was really small, my sister Cathy went to the UK for a few years.  She came back about halfway though for a visit; at that point, it was also about halfway through Kelsey’s whole life.  Understandably, the two year old didn’t know that aunt from adam.  So, when we all went to the airport to collect Cathy, Kels wasn’t sure how to deal with all the emotion surrounding this “aunt person” who showed up out of nowhere and made everybody cry. 

Later at Gram’s house there was a bit of a party.  The crying turned to talking and laughing.  Kelsey’s older sister seemed right at home with the aunt, but Kels wasn’t having any of it.  Then, the aunt brought out a big bag, out of which there stuck some curious and soft looking ears.  Aunt Cathy lifted out a beautiful tin lunchbox for Carly and Carly loved it.  Kelsey, recognised at that moment there was something special about those ears sticking out of the bag, and more so something about that aunt and all the stuff going on around her visit.  And so shyly she expressed it to the aunt:

“I ‘yike’ you.”

The aunt pretty much melted on receipt of that innocent expression of trust and all she could do was pull that bear out of the bag.  Kels and the bear (and the aunt) fell in love with each other instantly.

That bear, symbolic of the love that little girl came to understand that day, has stuck with her through all kinds of good and not so good adventures.  And Kelsey, in turn, reflects that love with steadfast genuineness and honesty.    

Happy birthday Kelsey. 

And many more and… well you know…


5 Responses to “she learned that a long time ago”

  1. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    That is a lovely story.

    Happy Birthday, Kelsey from the country who stole your Aunt!

  2. julie Says:

    That story just made my heart melt and tears fall. What a lovely story to write about your daughter, who is such a beautiful person inside and out. Grandma Julie

  3. Cathy Says:

    I have a terrible memory but that is a day I will never forget. Paddington Bear is likely one of the best investments I ever made! One of the great pleasures of being her aunt was watching her with her best pal, and seeing how much she ‘yiked’ him. Elaine just asked me two things.. “Do you think she still has him?” (YESSSS!) and “Mom! Are you crying?”

  4. Susannah Says:

    What a beautiful post! – I love reading your stories.

    I have just passed a ‘high 5 meme’ onto you over at my new blog (a streaming now) you don’t have to take part of course but I would love to hear your 5!

    Susannah 🙂

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Aw, thanks Susannah. I read the meme (liked your list) and will give it some thought… a good excuse to look back on the year!

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