25 December 2009

Last night I was sitting at home, ready for Christmas, waiting for Carly to collect me and my bags of food and parcels.  I was to spend Christmas Eve, my favourite Christmas “moment,” with my girls and Ryan eating artichoke risotto and sipping wine and watching a favourite movie. 

It’s my favourite night because there is, every year, unfailingly, a sense of peace that comes over me.  I think it’s partly to do with the winter solstice, and partly to do with a collective dreaming and hope. 

So I’m sitting there listening to songs on my computer on random playback and Bruce Springsteen comes on singing We Shall Overcome in The Seeger Sessions.  I think it fits the moment.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  May you experience peace and hope today.


8 Responses to “peace”

  1. Selma Says:

    Peace and hope. Beautiful sentiments. Hope you had a lovely christmas!

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Beautiful Jen. Everytime I find myself being caught up in the madness, I stop myself to remember and find the peace I know is there..

    I’m so glad you kept it with you and didn’t have to stop and find it!

    Love you and hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Please tell everyone hello!

  3. willow Says:

    Warm, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010!

  4. The Boss is, er , well, THE BOSS! Happy New Year to you and yours.Pip pip!

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