yorkshire sister

20 December 2009

I’m not a fan of greeting cards.  I think they’re a giant rip off, and usually I’d rather say what I want in a phone call or a gift or a visit. 

Nevertheless, sometimes they’re just the thing, like when your sister lives on a different continent and thinking that her receiving mail from family at home is a priority.  Like during the holidays. 

So there I am standing in the Hallmark section of a store a week or two ago looking for a Christmas card for Jane and I’m blubbering like an idiot amidst all the sugary sentiment and dreamy winter scenes.

A sister is a part of you – she is connected to all things and more than DNA.  A sister is always there in the way you see, the things you feel and how you feel about yourself.  And that magic doesn’t diminish when she moves across oceans. 

But it doesn’t make you miss her any less when she’s far away.  And I was missing Jane a lot standing in that Hallmark aisle at lunchtime.   

Yesterday was her birthday and I was thinking about her place in my life – from that stubborn and independent little pig-tailed girl, to the beautiful and content transplanted Canadian Yorkshirewoman she’s become. 

I love you sister.  No less than if you lived around the corner.  Thank goodness for technology.

(And many more and shut the door on ricky hubble…)


11 Responses to “yorkshire sister”

  1. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    Aww that was lovely.

    But I tell you what. In 2010 you should stop feeling sad about the fact that she is so far away and hop on a plane and visit her. Then I can jump in my car and drive up to Yorkshire and we can share that bottle or two of wine. Deal?

    Happy Birthday, Jane. If she’s your sister she must be a right grand lass. She certainly looks a lot like you!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    (And she is a grand lass.)

  3. Hay Says:

    Happy Birthday to your sister!
    It’s my mum’s birthday today, and I’m missing her too.

  4. Anne Says:

    Beautifully said. Even when they’re in the same country some days it’s just too far!! I love your stories by the way.
    love Anne

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Well, given the size of this country, your sisters are almost as far away as Jane!

    And thank you.
    And Merry Christmas my friend – I hope Jessica gets home soon!

  6. willow Says:

    Oh, this lovely post made me blubber! Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Aw, thanks my lovely friend.

  8. sartenada Says:

    Happy birthday to Your sister!

    In the beginning You told that You are fan of greeting cards. That is great. Nowadays it is too “easily” to send an electronical card, but who writes a real postcars?

    In my family we send them. To us this manner is some kind of hommage. One have to buy a card, select nice looking stamp, write the text and finally to put it into a mailbox.

    On wednesday I’ll present some of our old Christmas cards dating up to 70 years old.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks Sartenada.

    “Real” mail is fast becoming a lost art isn’t it?

    I’m actually not a fan of greeting cards. Well – I do like blank ones in that I can write what I want. I send them more often to people who are not near me, and not as often to people I see all the time. Maybe I’m lazy! Or a cheapskate!

    I’ll very much look forward to seeing your old Christmas cards! I’ve been enjoying your site since I found it.

  10. sartenada Says:

    Hi Jennifer. Maybe You are right when You are saing: ““Real” mail is fast becoming a lost art isn’t it?”.

    I checked how many Christmas cards we sent last Chrismas. Well, when knowing that our nation has about 5.5 million inhabitants and we sen 50 million Christmas cards, it maybe much? This Chrismas we sent 16 Christmas cards.

    I have been also a member of Postcrossing. It was really nice, but blogging is more nice.

    Until Wednesday.

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