she hasn’t changed a bit

9 December 2009

She started to talk when she was one and she never really stopped.  And now she’s one of my favourite people in the world to talk to.  She was a little older than that when she got famous in our family for asking for broccoli (“barkly”) for breakfast.  Later she turned herself into a vegetarian.  She loved music, listening to it actively from the time she sat in a baby chair.  Today music is still about her favourite thing and if she makes you a mixed CD you’re lucky because she’s insightful and knows what you’ll like before you hear it.   She was bright and cheerful and made being a new mom pretty wonderful.

Oh yeah – and she still smiles just like that.


Happy birthday Carly.  At 27, you’re as much of a joy as you ever were.

(and many more and shut the door on you know who)


2 Responses to “she hasn’t changed a bit”

  1. willow Says:

    Oh, she looks a lot like her lovely mother! Happy Birthday, Carly!!

    My daughter turned 27 this year, as well.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you Willow! And I’ll pass on your message. And it’s fun to find more and more things in common with one’s bloggy friends, isn’t it?

    (I actually sent her to your blog the other day to read your post about 84 Charing Cross Road – was telling her that she and her boyfriend would love the movie, as they’re both mad about books.)

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