it’s world aids day

30 November 2009

Please, don’t read me today.  Take a few minutes and read someone who is much more eloquent and much more concise.

A World AIDS Day Message from Stephen Lewis

Because I will believe this until the day I die:  My small action can change a lot; the actions of a lot of us can change the world. 

Is this the world we want?  

Note: My family is supporting this organization at Christmas.  If you’d like to participate, please contact me.  This week’s coffee money can do a lot.


4 Responses to “it’s world aids day”

  1. roscoedialogues Says:

    The MTC Clinic story I found very interesting, power in the language of music!

    Did a quick google and found some future reading:

    • Jennifer Says:

      I’ve often said that if I could start over again I would work in the field of art therapy. Some amazing work goes on – I know the effect it has on little ol’ me and my miniscule issues…

  2. willow Says:

    Thank you for spotlighting a good cause.

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