the lights on the city look so good

28 November 2009

The room in which Cathy and I are staying in Montreal is on the 32nd floor, and has two windows abutting one another in the corner looking north toward Mont Royal and and west.  The corner windows are lovely, giving the effect of a panorama.  Looking over the lights of the city, I’m reminded of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite songwriters, Victoria Williams.  She finds magic in the ordinary; wonder in the moment.  She’s got muliple sclerosis and there’ll be a day when she won’t be able to make her art or her living, but she’s unfailingly positive and insightful and humorous and true to her vision.  True to the words of this song. 

“What kind of song would you give if you had a song to give?  What kind of life would you live if you had a life to live?  Would you want to make something good that you could look on, give you lots of pleasure?  Yeah, you would.

What about this thing that you gave, what if it weren’t quite perfect?  What if there was something bad about it?  Would you love it just the same?  Would you still care about it?”


2 Responses to “the lights on the city look so good”

  1. Selma Says:

    That is a great song. I haven’t heard it before. I really like the sentiment!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah, was hoping to find vid of her singing it. This Jayhawks version is beautiful though. It was on one of the tribute cds made by a bunch of artists covering her songs to raise funds for her medical expenses back in the 90s, called Sweet Relief.

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