books project diversion 2

20 November 2009

So, I’m ankle deep in books, trying to find one particular book.  I didn’t find it, but in the search process I found my stash of old diaries.  Really old ones.  Girl/Teenager diaries.

So in lieu of sharing the book I was looking for, I’ll share my very first diary ever.  Since I’m always blathering on about the power of journalling, and how meaningful and revealing and life-changing diaries can be, I can herewith attest to journalling since I was nine.  

And now, public for the first time is my first known diary entry.  At nine years old I could never have dreamed of a technology such as this, with which I would come to share this deep and thoughtful musing with the world – or something that has come to be known as the blogosphere.


Now get ready for it.  When you have a few minutes, relax and make a cup of tea.  Sit down and prepare yourself to be transported to the deep and soulful mind of a nine year old girl on January 1st, 1971. 




You may want to take notes.


Got your ‘cuppa?’


Okay.  [Deep breath]…

(I think my “voice” has got a little less concise, but I can work on that.)



11 Responses to “books project diversion 2”

  1. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    Oh that is fabulous. And your handwriting is so beautiful for a 9-year-old too.

    As you know I too am a great believer in diary/journal-writing and have kept one for a very long time too. Not quite that long though. I do have a few odd snippets like that but probably only from about the age of 12 or 13. They said things like “got up and had weetabix for breakfast” but there are interesting things that reminded me of long-forgotten oddities. One where I just say “why does Diane always kiss people on the knee” which was a strange habit of my sister’s at around age 9 that I had completely forgotten about!!
    But I have kept all my detailed diaries from age 15 onwards. And I still write one to this day – not daily, just once every few weeks unless I have something to resolve in my mind or am sad, when I would write more often.

    I think I need to work on my conciseness too!!!

    • Jennifer Says:

      I found a few oddities in this one too RB. There were some entries in 1972 and 1973, and the subsequent ones were either homemade or in little notebooks. Lots of melodramatic nonsense about boys.

  2. roscoedialogues Says:

    your artistic talents are evident in “super smile” .. and the days of the week backwards 24-18 .. that obviously has some deep meaning

  3. Cathy Says:

    This made me smile out loud! And yes.. lovely penmanship!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    …and spelling! 🙂

  5. Cathy Says:

    Oh yeah.. and happy up!

  6. Carly Says:

    You gave me a red diary just like that one with the lock on it for getting a good grade 1 report card…I just opened my “treasure box” to find it and there it is along with lots of other treasures! its locked, no clue where the key is, but i remember writing an angry entry that Rundolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on but we were watching some other show that you and Gram wanted to watch. MOM!

  7. Cathy Says:

    “I hate Mom” “ too..I hate Mom” :^)

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