can’t help myself

1 November 2009

I can’t help fiddling around with the look of my blog.  In another life I might have been a graphic designer.  It was the constant need to change up and hone a “look” that caused me to accidentally kill my self-hosted blog and have to revert back to the “wordpress for dummies” option.  Which is a great option, but I just can’t help wanting to make it my own in every way possible. 

The writing teacher me keeps saying:  It’s not about the look.  Who the hell cares if there are boxes around all the sections?  Do you really think anyone really notices the “small caps” header format?  Just. Write. Jennifer.

Whatever writing teacher self.  It’s all an art in some form, it’s all a piece of me, and I think I like how this “me” is represented. 

What do you think?


6 Responses to “can’t help myself”

  1. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    No, I am the opposite to you. I don’t even notice people’s blog designs. I presume yours has changed? But I would not have known unless you had said. I only read the words. I do look at photos – particularly if they are of the author but that’s about it. It’s just about words for me.

    I stick with one look for my blog and only change it if something goes wrong with it.

    But it’s good that everyone is different. And I know some people see the whole package, or cannot write if they are not happy with the place they are writing.

    Just don’t get too carried away and spend all of your time tinkering and none of it writing!!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Haha, well I guess I didn’t need to explain myself!

      I’ve got a visual arts perspective – so I guess these things are as important to me as well as the writing. Also, much of my ‘day job’ work is focused on marketing and branding – so making things visually appealing has become part of my way of thinking.

      But you’re right – it’s the writing that’s the main thing.

  2. Susannah Says:

    I do think it makes a difference how a blog looks – well at least it does to me!

    I am always fiddling with my blogs designs or really really trying to restrain myself! so you have my understanding. I have even been known to rewrite a sentence so that one word doesn’t end up on its own on a separate line!

    I noticed straight away that your blog was different and really like the green and orange touches. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I like the green and orange on this template too Susannah. Writing a cohesive piece of writing gives me a great deal of pleasures. Connecting with people who actually read that writing gives me even more! But I also get a lot of enjoyment just coming to my “space” that I have personalized to reflect “me” in another way.

  4. ...Mmm... Says:

    Funny because I am a professional graphic designer and rarely feel a need to change the look of my blog! ha. Anyway, I do love your look here–the photo on the side, the white space, room to breathe, etc. NICE! Keep it up.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I’m all about the white space!

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