in which we’re mindful of a perfect autumn day

16 October 2009

Happy birthday Aunt Martha.  Lots of us are thinking about you. 

It was supposed to be windy and rainy with snow flurries and cold today, like winter.  But instead we got this perfect October day: clear and crisp, with a sun shining so bright on that red and yellow and orange vegetation it hurt your eyes. When Cathy and I noted your birthday, she said “the sun came out for her.”

And I don’t doubt for a minute that’s true. Actually you were the one who taught us about magic like that. And to appreciate perfect autumn days like this one.

Aunt Martha, we remember you on your birthday and in many other moments because you are central to some of our most important memories. You were like the grandma your mother didn’t have the chance to be.  And we really hope you know now that you really did imbue her spirit.  You did.  We’re all carrying around a piece of her.  And you. 

And it’s on perfect October days like this that we’re particularly thankful for it.


4 Responses to “in which we’re mindful of a perfect autumn day”

  1. ...Mmm... Says:

    And how can we follow along?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Well I’m thinking it’s all about being present – “in the moment.” Paying attention. Best way to do that? Journal! Write! Blog!

  3. Cathy Says:

    Gosh I miss her! I hear her some times. Lucky me!

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