stumbling into the manor in the morning

14 October 2009

My friend Willow over at Life at Willow Manor hosted a mahvellous party at the site of her manor today.  It was teeming with colour and glamour and luscious foods.  Unfortunately life happened and me in my Ginger Rogers dress and my date (Alan Rickman) stumbled in the door in time to partake in morning mimosas and bacon rolls as I mutter my apologies.  My blogger friend is always gracious but I do hope my date will forgive me.  (But then again, isn’t Alan the most delicious brooder?)

Anyway, go ahead and peek in the manor windows and you’ll find the place still aglow with the sounds and sights of the party.  Our hostess knows how to gather a colourful and imaginative crowd, and that’s why we’ll go to one of her parties any old day.

willow manor ball


7 Responses to “stumbling into the manor in the morning”

  1. Barbara Lake Says:

    So that is why Alan had to leave so early?????

  2. Barbara Lake Says:

    No it wasn’t a problem at all. Sean Connery had his pilot fly me home! More champagne…………..

  3. willow Says:

    I hope Alan didn’t think I was a ditz. But that voice of his!! It makes me incredibly dizzy.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t quite mind making gorgeous hostesses in gorgeous red gowns dizzy!

  5. Barbara Lake Says:

    He was in total awe of you Willow which I knew he would be. I couldn’t help but smile when he did speak to you. He was so nervous he actually stammered!

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