blogging on a train

19 September 2009

2009_0919BloggingOnTrain0002CompressedAs I was confirming my train time this morning, I see Via Rail is offering free WIFI due to problems with the satellite.  Why WIFI has to cost anything anywhere is beyond me, but I see it as a good opportunity to catch up on the blog and to get introspective about my destination.

Tonight is my class reunion.  It’s been thirty years since I’ve seen some of these people.  A few of them are still part of my life.  I probably wouldn’t have been on the organizing committee for this thing.  Mainly because I don’t like organizing things.  But also because the relationships that I’ve continued with those few friends – my “peeps” – have grown and evolved over the years.  We’re not sitting where we were back in 1979; we’ve built lives and changed and matured (I hope) and got wiser.  And all that with each other.

These lifelong friends, who I love from the bottom of my heart, have not seen me down in this part of the province in years, and for that I really suck.  And you know what?  When I see them tonight they’ll love me as much as they ever did, and they’ll take me into their homes and feed me and give me wine and much pleasure and joy in their company.  It shouldn’t have taken a thirty year class reunion to get me down here.

High school had some defining moments.  But lots of moments were defining in my twenties.  And thirties.  And forties.  Now that I think about it, each decade brings more defining moments than the last.  While I’m not against any reunion for the sake of a reunion, I must state that I’m perfectly happy to have moved on.  I get as nostalgic as everyone else does and I love to travel back in time and visit once in awhile, usually by way of a really good song. But I don’t need to relive it.  I’m perfectly happy where I am.

I did connect with one of those high school friends last year.  The phenom facebook is good for some things; turns out Monica and I are practically neighbours, and now we have re-established a friendship all over again.  What we discovered when we first hooked up was that nothing changes.  The connections remain. We are still the same people inside, and thirty years later it’s recognisable. 

So yes, it I am really happy about being able to see the old group of gals tonight (and our honorary gal Donald).  And I’m sure the connections will remain, and during the planned parties over the next few days there’ll be lots of stories and lots of laughs and probably a few tears.  And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. 

And going into this party tonight will be me at 48.  Happy, in like with myself, and showing off pictures of gorgeous daughters.  At 48, I’m pleased to say, I’m way cooler than I was at 18.  And no one will be happier about that than my peeps.


5 Responses to “blogging on a train”

  1. Hay Says:

    Wow, have a great time! I have almost no contact with any one from High School.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It’s been great fun! Amazing how the connections remain after all these years.

  3. Reluctant Blogger Says:

    So how did it go? I hope it was good.

    Like Hay I know virtually no-one from my school days – well, just one person and I haven’t seen her in years but I know I could if I wished. We are sort of “friends on hold” if you know what I mean. We live a long way apart.

    I would never go to a reunion though. I’d be far too scared. My school days weren’t the happiest of my life and I am rather glad to have left them behind. I am a very different person now to the one I was then. But I suppose everyone else probably is too? Well I kind of hope so.

    • Jennifer Says:

      It went very well – I’ve been busy since I got home, but trying to form a bit of writing about it in my mind.

      I’ve been in touch with a few of these friends since way back then. Some of them I call my best friends still, even though we live in different parts of the province now.

      I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a small town, but there is something special about this sustained connection between people. It’s a really nice feeling to be recognised and welcomed and cared for by people you haven’t seen in thirty years. Us humans can be really cool that way.

      I’m glad you’re back RB.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Further to what you said RB – a lot of people didn’t go. I’m sure for a number of reasons, including similar to yours.

    I’m a very different person now too – but that was part of the impetus for me! I’m proud of who I’ve come to be, and was glad to share it. I was interested to see how people had grown and changed.

    (Boy – I could get my whole blog post about the event together just by responding to your comments RB!)

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