the best kind of encouragement

15 September 2009

kreative_blogger_awardMy new friend over at Menopausal Stoners has kindly issued me this award.  And as I said to her, this kind of encouragement from writerly peers is the best kind.  So my job, as it should be, is to pass it along:

… if I could, I’d give it right back to PENolan, the terrific writer who gave it to me.  I just discovered her blog, Menopausal Stoners  last week, and I think her honesty, critical perspective, humour and forthrightness is something we could all aspire to. 

But I will pass it on to two relatively new bloggers, Roscoe Dialogues and London Lives, as I like both their styles, they’re good at painting pictures of their respective worlds, and I hope they keep writing. 

And I’d give one to Wandering The Road Less Travelled because she’s a truly creative soul, raising a bunch of creative kids, and she’s always trying new ways to express herself and no matter what blog she’s writing on I keep following her, if only to look at her gorgeous photographs. 

And Joy Frequencies – because like PENolan, I detect a kindred spirit in her, and her positivity is something this world needs real bad. 

Now I’m supposed to list seven things I like, not including people:

  1. September.  Mellow, sunny September with its foods and luscious warm days and cooling evenings and all its promise of things new.
  2. Patios, decks and porches.  Sitting, talking, partaking, sipping, sharing, watching, sunning…
  3. Cities – there is always something to see, some hidden beauty somewhere, something to write about.  I have fallen in love with every great city I’ve visited, and I love my own.
  4. The country – the slowed pace and quiet and sense of freedom are divine.  I’m staying with old friends in the country this weekend and my soul gets happier and my shoulders are feeling more a little more at ease each day the weekend grows closer. 
  5. The summer harvest.  Eating local foods in season is all the rage.  Duh!  Who wasn’t eating foods in season before?  It’s a goldmine for the  mind, body and spirit.
  6. Public radio.  Usually Canada’s.  But sometimes NPR and BBC and other international ones, thanks to this ol’ internet thing and CBC Radio Overnight.  Public radio is a treasure trove of stories.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I kind of have a thing for stories.
  7. Blogging.  I’m not being original here, I know.  But the feeling of setting a piece of writing free is powerful.  And when people actually take time out to read it, it’s gratifying.  And meeting like-minded writers and artists from around the world is exceedingly rewarding.  I love being a part of this big beautiful exchange of ideas. 

Thank you Tricia.


14 Responses to “the best kind of encouragement”

  1. green eyes Says:

    Dear Jen

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I started the blog because I really enjoy writing, but had got badly out of the habit! I know there is lots of stuff out there about London, but wanted to try to offer a perspective from someone ‘ordinary’ who lives and works here, and can show some of the nooks and crannies that visitors might not see.

    I will also keep visiting your blog, which I really enjoy. Thanks again from a rather rainy autumnal London!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Well I think you really do achieve what you set out to do. I love to read bout the “ordinary” and the nooks and crannies, and I get a real picture of YOUR London.

  2. Pati Says:

    I love this blog love going around today! I frequently check out your links and have been reading Menopausal Stoners all week. I was excited when she named you on her list. Way to go!

  3. roscoedialogues Says:

    oh shit, recognition … now what do I do?
    Pass it on?? I don’t read blogs other then Jen’s, Pati do you have a blog … I’ll read that too! … blog-on Morrisons!
    Oh … here’s the only other blog I check out regularly because of the same music interest and general geographical location:

    list seven things I like, not including people:
    railroad tracks

    I’ll have to elaborate on those later …

    Thanks Jen! very cool recognition!

    • Jennifer Says:

      Whew – glad you cool with it. (And you don’t have to pass it on – really.) Recognition feels a little good, doesn’t it?

      And love your seven things – with or without elaboration.


      • roscoedialogues Says:

        very cool with it, feels real good!
        watch my blog for “seven things” elaboration, hopefully sooner then later … “time is of the essence” … I always wanted to say that … maybe the seven things are better left to the imagination … time will tell …

  4. Susannah Says:

    Hey Jen, thanks so much, I really appreciate it! 🙂

    I will be doing a post on my blog about it soon and passing on the award and of course listing my ‘seven things’.

    Thanks again.

    Susannah x

  5. willow Says:

    Just dropping in to say hello and congrats!

  6. Hay Says:

    wow, hey, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    I wondered where you had gone, happy to be reunited 🙂

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Hay!
    I broke my blog. Tried fixing for a week or two, and threw in the towel and came over to the “wordpress for amateurs” spot. Fortunately I managed to save all the posts, but not the kind comments. 😦

  8. Susannah Says:

    After almost a week of computer problems, I have just managed to do a post and pass on the Kreativ Blogger award, thanks again for getting the ball rolling!

    Very best wishes

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