me, hallmark card writer

9 September 2009

Today there was a little jokey back and forth exchange on facebook between several of us old friends who will be attending our upcoming 30th year class reunion.  A few were complaining, “damn it all, I didn’t lose that 30 lbs.!”  I said “the nice thing about being 30 years older is – who cares?”  

We can say now:  “It is what it is” and get on with the day.  And It’s stronger and better and smarter and so much sexier at 48 than it was at 18 (even if it’s a little more jiggly). 

Anyway, says my facebook self, thirty years on, there is so much more inner beauty in there now that our bodies have to get a little bigger and the bits and bobs get pushed to new places to accommodate all that gorgeousness burgeoning inside.

Okay, it’s hokey. 

But it’s true.


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