get out and run like hell

4 September 2009

There is a daycare centre in the complex of office buildings where I work.  The complex of buildings sits within a neighbourhood of office buildings on the north-east end of the city adjacent to hwy 401 and the Don Valley Parkway.  Today I’m taking a little walk around this sea of concrete, absorbing a just a little bit of the gorgeous day. 

When I walk by the daycare, all the little kids are outside playing.  There is one little girl, about two, by herself at the outside fence attempting to climb it.  She keeps reaching for the fence links above her head and trying to pull herself up; but alas her little muscles aren’t quite strong enough yet.  Her face is scrunched up in determination, and she keeps trying. 

I think of the two of us dreaming of escape from this office-y world with its fluorescent lights and neutral carpets and in my mind I cheer her on: “C’mon go kid!  Try harder!  Get out and run like hell as fast as you can!”

Well, except for the two-year old part and her not being able to fend for herself beyond that fence yet part.  But you know what I mean.


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