a toronto moment

28 August 2009

Last night I’m with my daughters and my sister and brother-in-law and nephew and niece and my cousin and a good friend and we’re at Ontario Place, sitting up on a hill to see old favourite Blue Rodeo play. Not long after the band kicks into gear I’m struck by the wonderful moment that  has presented itself.

The city skyline is to the right of the stage.  The lights of the ferris wheel and midway at the “Ex” (Canadian National Exhibition) are to the left.  The familiar Cinesphere globe and Lake Ontario are behind us.  The band is in great form – giving us the perfect mix of “Greg songs” and “Jim songs” and the band is as hot and edgy as they ever were.  The August night is delicious as only a late summer night can be.

After a really rough and overwhelming week, I wouldn’t have been anywhere else.  And I’m still feeling gratitude for the magical Toronto moment with the the most wonderful company I could ask for.

Blue Rodeo “busking” at the ROM – Must have been another Toronto moment


2 Responses to “a toronto moment”

  1. chocolateprn Says:

    Ahhhh, I was at this concert! It was amazing.
    Blue Rodeo was the first concert that my mom ever took me to when I was a kid. I will never forget that. Everytime I see the band, I fall a little more in love with Jim Cuddy! hahaha

  2. jenmorrison Says:

    Oh it was a great show wasn’t it?

    Blue Rodeo was my oldest daughter’s first ever concert too, and she and my youngest daughter were both there the other night too. They grew up with Blue Rodeo.

    Who doesn’t fall in love with Jim Cuddy!

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