sky drama

10 August 2009

Tonight I’m on my way home and I’m thinking I’ll take the long way and go down and walk by the lake.  But it soon becomes apparent there is another thunderstorm approaching, and I’ve forgotten my umbrella.  So I stay on course and step up my pace, but I can’t help but stop and watch the sky every minute or so.  Within minutes it changes from dove grey to to steel to deep plum, overlaid with greenish black clouds flying fast and low south toward the lake.  Looking west, downtown, it’s a dramatic picture of the skyline and the CN Tower with those black clouds swirling around it like a silk scarf in the wind.

The wind starts whipping the tops of the trees and blowing bits of paper and I walk faster, feeling energised by the electricity in the air.  The temperature drops and I wonder if I’m going to get home dry.  I jog past some people waiting for the streetcar, and a girl struggles to open her umbrella but it keeps popping inside out.  By the time I get to the alley leading to my street it’s as dark as midnight and big fat drops are falling.  I congratulate myself on getting home in the nick of time, and as I deposit my bags in the kitchen thunder is booming and it’s raining hard.

I enjoy the lightning storm that crosses south over the sky and continues to provide its dramatic show after the rain and wind subside, and I watch it as it travels farther and farther away across the lake.


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