she got doored, and finally a lasagne

5 August 2009

Tonight I made a big ol’ pot of marinara sauce.  It’s stage one of a mid-week lasagne project.

See, a few months ago, I casually stated on a facebook meme (25 Things About Me) that no one makes lasagne as good as me.  (Well it’s true.)  Following that, a number of friends campaigned for the recipe.  One friend got to campaigning too, but not for the recipe.  No, she would love one of my famous (now infamous) lasagnes.  And well, even though she said she wasn’t being serious, I should have made her one, without hesitation, because she has had me to her home numerous times for warm and wonderful meals.  And she’s a wife and a mother of two young girls and she’s a journalist, and frankly busts her ass to run that household and maintain her career.

Anyway, out of the “goodness of my heart” I post the recipe on facebook, and weakly suggest to my friend, “how about Minute Minestrone Soup?” because I was working six days a week at the time (albeit no husband, no kids) and as its name implies, the soup, while quite delicious, is  SUBSTANTIALLY faster to make than one of my giant monster pans of noodles, sauce, veg and cheese, which would have consumed the bulk of my only day off in the week.  (I know, wah wah wah.)

Well, as it happened, my friend was riding her bike to work in downtown Toronto.  And she got doored.  And very nearly lost her finger, which subsequently had to be re-attached surgically, in the same week she and her family were to head off on an anticipated vacation in Banff.  And as anyone who loves to feed her family with home cooked meals would understand, she finds herself in a bit of a sitch.  (That’s not even mentioning the journalist who types for a living part.)

So anyway, tomorrow is stage two: assembling the monster.  And a mini monster to send home with my mother next time I see her.

I CAN be domestic once in awhile.  Man does that sauce smell good – I better go have another spoonful, just to make sure.


2 Responses to “she got doored, and finally a lasagne”

  1. Monica Says:

    OK, so where IS that lasagna?????
    Your fingerless friend wants to know!

  2. jenmorrison Says:

    Haha, I saw this post over the weekend and thought, “I am a liar – she has no lasagne yet!”

    So sorry – work has been absolutely nuts – working early and late. Ugh. THIS WEEK it comes!

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