not the human I had in mind

30 April 2009

There must be a lot of dog owners in the Kingston Road / Beaches area because the little shopping section of Kingston Road has a seemingly high number of doggie daycares and grooming services among the shops along its little stretch.  It gives me great pleasure to walk by one of these daycares every night during my walk home.  The facility encompasses an old shop.  The windows of the storefront have built-out platforms that probably housed the store’s goods at one time.  Now they are the “looking out the window spots” for six or eight dogs I find sitting there every evening, waiting for their respective humans to come and collect them. 

Their faces are precious – full of concentration and suppressed eagerness, waiting for the first sign of familiarity out there in the street.  When I stop and giggle and wave at them, particularly the beautiful brown lab who lets the little blonde dog use him like a cushion, they look at me with patient half interest, no doubt thinking, “You are NOT the human I’m waiting for!”  Sometimes I think I’d like to hang around and wait and see what happens in there when one of those humans actually arrives.  I’m betting it’s a wonderful, momentary bedlam.


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