careful, your colours are showing again

18 March 2009

I’m not sure what I’m missing.

My government has said today they see the sense in bailing out a certain private broadcaster, but for weeks they’ve basically told our (yours and mine) public broadcaster to “deal with it.”  Even though the public broadcaster made it clear they didn’t want a bail out, just an advance on pending funding.  Let’s not even go there about how the public broadcaster functions on way less money, and way fewer resources, and produces high quality, competitive product anyway.  Not to mention some of that product (news, docs, sports) is exceedingly higher in quality than that produced by the more moneyed, privately owned organizations. 

And other public ones. 


Someone please tell me why it is acceptable, remotely right, even the slightest bit moral for a government to throw money at a private broadcaster over a public one?  Why can’t WE advance some previously allotted money to the cultural entity WE OWN?  Why should OUR money go to prop up a broadcaster that mostly exhibits foreign (American) product?  Would we Canadians really rather spend our spare change taxes on Friends reruns and screw all the regular Canadians people, who are working to produce Canadian stories and material for Canadians?

It would seem to me that the Canadian government, is saying, on Canadians’ behalf, to Canadians who will lose their jobs making Canadian information available to Canadians, in favour of other broadcasters who make American content [more] available to Canadians, “deal with it.”

As an old boss of mine used to say, “it’s a wonder your head doesn’t fall off for shakin’ it.”


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