stopping to smell the february flowers

1 March 2009

Yesterday morning I’m in downtown Hamilton, enroute to my class at Mohawk College.  Walking by a tall condo building, I note that the flower beds that surround the building are filled with big plastic sunflowers.  From across the street, the splash of colour doesn’t look so bad, but on this cold February day it has the same effect as Christmas lights hanging on a porch in July.  As I’m standing there looking at all those big plastic flowers, a fella walking by them stops, sticks his nose in the middle of one and appears to have a big sniff.  I wonder if he is, like many of us, delirious with desire for spring and automaton-like he performs an act that transports him out his winter coat and hat and boots and the subzero freeze and into sandals and sunglasses and gardening gear and a glass of iced tea with a gentle warm breeze wafting flower scents all around.


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