she hasn’t got a name yet

1 February 2009

Creating a doll in collage is a great way to convey a picture of the inner “YOU” at present.  You might be surprised at who reveals her/himself!  Knowing that, how could you resist trying?

In which a collage doll comes together. 


The results are always surprising.

Clear a comfortable space.  Start by focusing on a theme or personal vision.  Browse through magazines and newspapers, or other materials at hand and cut out whatever speaks to you.  (Remember, you’re not married to the pieces.  Just cut them out.) 


When the piece (in this case a doll) has revealed itself to you (and it will), arrange it together in a journal, on a sheet of cardboard or whatever. 


When the arrangement is right, mark the placement of major sections with pencil.  Podge the back of the pieces and carefully secure them to the page. 


Make sure all the edges are flat.  (It’s kind of like wallpapering – get all those bubbles out!)  Apply several coats of podge over the entire thing.  


Before this creature was even born, I envisioned her in a window, so I expect she will be cut out and further embellished with stuff that sparkles in the light.  Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “she hasn’t got a name yet”

  1. Deb Atkinson Says:

    How did you know I keep getting bubbles in my podge? I love her, whatever her name is.


  2. jenmorrison Says:

    Thank you Deb – that ol’ podge isn’t the easiest stuff to work with is it? (You know, she is still un-named.)

  3. Deb Atkinson Says:

    I’ve discovered that most things will come if you wait for them. Her name is just waiting out there.

    btw – I added your blog to my blogroll. I’ll be visiting often. 🙂


  4. Deb Atkinson Says:

    Duh, I’m totally together too. I thought within WP that my name would link to my blog – see what I get for thinking?? It’s I only started last week so it’s thin, but I’ve got ideas for posts and such.

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