go outside and play

20 January 2009

There’s a peculiar group of people who anonymously prowl the CBC website news stories and spew streams of complaints and judgements in the ‘comments’ section of every story.  In the blog world they’re called trolls.  I think a lot of these trolls see themselves as doing a ‘job’ of trashing the CBC, because the giant elephant we sleep next to doesn’t have a publicly funded broadcaster so we shouldn’t either I guess.  I can’t imagine that they convince anyone that isn’t already convinced of their view, and so really their purpose is to just share bad karma amongst the other ‘comments’ writers, and that’s just really too bad. 

Today all the news story trolls have their knickers in a twist because of the joyful and worldwide anticipation of Mr. Obama’s inauguration.  They can’t understand why us Canadians are so caught up in it, and why our national media is covering it so extensively. 

I guess they don’t see anything significant about a man named Barack Hussein Obama, setting out on a grass roots campaign, and getting himself elected on the basis of his oratory gifts, clarity of vision, grace and depth, all rendering the colour of his skin and funny name inconsequential.   The voters went for the smart, inspiring guy.

I guess they aren’t the least bit moved by the idea that a country with a history of slavery and legislated bigotry against people with dark skin, where just 60 years ago people like Rosa Parks were not entitled to a seat on the bus, elected a man with dark skin to lead them through unprecidented economic disaster and the pointless and seemingly endless wars they have got themselves into. 

I guess they don’t see the significance of going from one administration that stole an election, and then ran a country based on lies, negativity, divisiveness (“you’re with us or you’re against us”); a president that couldn’t say words with more than two syllables and who essentially governed with his dick instead of his brain; to a new administration that will be led by someone who is articulate, intelligent and elegant, and preaches a message of hope and inclusivity.

A thousand news story trolls could not dampen the moment of Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen leading that giant crowd at the Lincoln Memorial in singing the words of Woody Guthrie, “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.”  They want their country back and it’s beautiful.

I think the news story trolls should go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine.  It’s a day like this world has not seen for a long, long time.  It all goes to show how badly we needed some inspiration.  And most of us are enjoying it.  Today it’s not so bad waking up next to the elephant.


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