adventures in transit

13 January 2009

Yes I Am

The other day I’m riding the subway.  Now, the subway is a place where good manners and even good behaviour are not in abundance.  People assume blank faces to the strangers around them.  It’s a place that is sometimes marked with graffiti and usually marked with careless litter.  It’s a dingy underground tunnel and, while I appreciate its speed in getting me places, it’s not my favourite way of travelling.

So anyway, the other day I’m riding the subway and I notice a small sticker stuck to the side of a seat.  It reads:

You’re beautiful.

It’s amazing how a small message can change one’s outlook for the day.


Driver of the Day Award

Last night I’m walking down Kingston road, loaded down with grocery bags but not wanting to wait for the bus.  I enjoy walking in winter at night, and the exercise feels good; but the full bags and the snow and ice on the sidewalk are making it a little less than a barrel of laughs. 

I’m half a block away from the next bus stop when I notice the bus approaching fast.  I start to jog toward the stop, but the awkwardness of the situation reduces my “jog” to something that resembles a hobble/stumble/fumble/trip.  Nice bus drivers notice these things, and wait at the stop until you get there. 

This bus driver stops right beside me, a half block before the stop so I can board right there.  Then he must remember me from another time because he doesn’t stop at the bus stop I ring the bell for; he continues on another half block and deposits me right in front of the laneway which takes me home.



On the ride to work today, a perfectly respectable looking lady sneezes right into the back of my hair.


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