not getting old, just sayin’ is all

7 January 2009

part one

Last night after work I’m walking part of the way home, and I as approach a young couple walking in front of me in the same direction, it becomes apparent that they’re smoking a joint. As I overtake them, it occurs to me that in all my “forty-something-ness” and “officy-clothes-ish-ness” they might think I could be the kind of person who is offended or shocked at their choice of smoking product.  And they could not know that I’ve probably brushed more pot off my lap then they’ve seen in both their lifetimes.  And that once upon a time it might have been important to me that they know “I’m hip, I’m cool to that man” but really now I could care less and just privately wish them an enjoyable little buzz and winter night walk.

part two

This morning it’s a veritable winter wonderland. Gorgeous giant flakes are tumbling to the earth, inviting you to skip work and go tobogganing, drink hot chocolate and enjoy a chat with the neighbours as you shovel it off your sidewalk. As I’m waiting for the bus, I hold out my hand to admire the flakes on my glove. But the childlike wonder is somewhat diminished when I become aware that I can’t make out the delicate crystal formations unless I pull out my reading glasses.


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