25 December 2008

It’s Christmas morning, and all is quiet at Carly and Kelsey’s place.  I am sipping coffee and writing.  Carly’s cat is looking out the window.  It’s a beautiful quietness before the hubbub.  This moment is an extension of the best part of Christmas: the most perfect ‘moment’ that is Christmas Eve. 

Recently a friend asked what the “essence” of Christmas is to me.  It didn’t take much thought to answer.  A good part of that is of course the wonderful hubbub around a warm and loving family sharing a day and a meal.  But the most precious moments of Christmas for me are the quiet ones.  Christmas Eve – when all of the madness pulls up and stops.  You feel it – peace – as you sit warm and look at the lights aglow within homes down the street.  It’s not about buying and parties and traffic jams and stores anymore.  It’s the gift of peace.  And this moment in time is more precious than all of the stuff that swirls around it.  This moment is Christmas.


2 Responses to “christmas”

  1. ...Mmm... Says:

    I love Boxing Day myself, for much the same reason.

    • Jennifer Says:

      I’m glad you’re able to get your moment! Boxing day for us is not usually that quiet – though quieter than Christmas. Goodness me – it’s all coming round again!

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