december daughter

9 December 2008

26 Years on the planet. Seems like yesterday – well, okay – seems like ten years ago you were that little tiny peanut under the Christmas tree with her beautiful little bare foot poking out of the blanket. I couldn’t be more proud of who you have become. Here are the things I love most about you:

Your bright and engaging smile. The way little kids identify with you and that you always have great little kid movies to watch with them. Your critical mind. Your ability to find music and movies that I’ll love and that you always make the best mixed CDs. That you like screeching hardcore music, and that you also like Neil Young and Al Green and the Who. That you always know what’s going on in current events, and that we can always find something to talk about. That you maintain great relationships with your sister and your cousins. That you value your family and love to be with them. That you always know what books to buy me for Christmas.

Your effortless ability to get people to like you – but also that you don’t take any shit. That you continued the Christmas Shortbreads tradition (especially as your mother didn’t). That you have strong ideas and you hold to your beliefs, and that you employ your marvellous brain.

Your face in profile, which still looks pretty much as it did when you were a little girl, and could still break my heart with its everlasting countenance of innocence.

Many happy returns Carly. We’re all so glad you arrived 26 years ago, and I’m so looking forward to the next 26 years of getting to be your mom.

(And many more and shut the door on Ricky Hubble.)


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