watching ani difranco on pbs

5 December 2008

Tonight I’m watching Ani Difranco on a Buffalo PBS pledge drive.  I think this is from the same tour that we saw last year.  Ani is a true artist – her art flows through her as if there is a divine hand gesturing toward her and she can’t stop as long as that hand is pointing, and the hand won’t stop pointing because the music and poetry coming out of this creature are so honest and so smart and so beautiful.  Or, as Carly says (more concisely), “she’s so in love with that guitar.”  Ani is a true artist because she is a devoted witness of her world; she doesn’t miss a heartbeat.  Every word hits you like it was ripped right from your very consciousness. 

Ani is doing what the universe put her on this earth to do.  And  you can tell she knows it because all the while she performs she flashes this huge, giant smile which she can’t stop smiling. 

I’m so glad that there are artists that figure that out in time. 


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